Today when we receive our cable or satellite-dish bill each month, we can really have second thoughts about the value of the product we received. With the average statement at around $100, many consumers have a hard time fitting this into their budget. Once upon a time you could get your television for free on your analog set with the help of a simple antenna. Since the transition to digital television, a digital converter box is required to get the same signal. However this only works for local channels in fairly populated areas. 

What if you had a free TV pass?

This is the computer age, the information era. With the Internet there are millions of video choices with just a click of your keyboard. There is an amazing amount of top quality viewing online through your computer. You can watch your favorite news and sporting events from around the world and full seasons of your favorite TV shows without paying monthly charges to cable or dish. There are literally thousands of free movie choices and many more for a small rental fee. All of this is free if you know where to look.

Online TV is basically your computer and the price of an internet connection. For maximum viewing convenience, a compatible software program is highly recommended. Stream Direct is one of the best programs available today. It allows for a much wider selection of programming for a one time fee under $50. You don't need any additional hardware and is available for PC or MAC. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You will the be able to enjoy watching programming from around the world in real time or whenever you want.

You now have a free TV pass.

 Going to online TV will save you a bunch of money and it allows you the choice to watch what you want, when you want. It goes with you anywhere in the world so you can stay connected. This is simply the best software on the market, the wave of the future and it's available to you right now!